CCCD offers timely, valuable education and technical assistance from field professionals. We offer two conferences each year. Our annual California Co-op Conference brings together people from different co-op sectors and levels of experience to learn and deepen their understanding of starting and running a cooperative. Each year, our Agricultural Cooperative Directors and Managers Training offers high level education an engagement for leaders and executives of agricultural cooperatives. 

Services provided by CCCD are made possible by grant funding from private and public sources, donations, and through fee for service contracts.  

CCCD provides professional guidance and support in the development of new cooperatives. We also support cooperatives by providing and range of governance and other trainings, facilitating meetings, including strategic planning sessions, and provide technical assistance to help address issues particular to the specific co-op. We often provide assistance by referrals to appropriate legal or their professionals

To address issues of particular concern to specific sectors of cooperatives, CCCD: collects, analyzes and disseminates data, technical knowledge, best practices and other information. We are available to address inquiries about cooperative development, so please contact us!

CCCD educates the public and groups about cooperatives through diverse outreach  mediums, including our website, social and print media, participation in conferences and events, and other sources. Topics run across and array of subjects including  basic information about the cooperative business model, and  practical information on how to organize cooperatives, cooperative financing, governance, management, and related topics. 


We work with established cooperatives and groups that are interested in developing cooperatives throughout California and beyond. The cooperative sectors we serve include agricultural, artisan, business, consumer, energy, housing, preschool/childcare, worker and other cooperatives.