October is Co-op Month!

October is National Co-op Month! 

For more than half a century, cooperatives across the nation have recognized October as Co-op Month. During October we celebrate the endless ways that the cooperative business model is used to meet the needs of members. Individual cooperatives reflect on their history, cherish their achievements, and recognize the principles shared with cooperatives around the world.  October is also a time to educate others about what can be accomplished through cooperation. 

California is home to more than 1,500 cooperatives that provide fundamental needs like agriculture, housing, child care, employment, utilities, food, and a wide range of consumer and financial services. At CCCD, we would like to help celebrate your cooperative.  

Please email photos to CCCD (coops@cccd.coop), along with a favorite story about your cooperative, a way that you celebrate co-op month, even a challenge your cooperative overcame.  We will share your stories to strengthen solidarity and community among cooperatives.

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