Current Members

Below is a list of our current members, whose generous donations help sustain CCCD and boost our ability to receive grants by providing essential matching funds. Thank you for your support!


A Slice of New York

All West Select Sires

Anza Electric

Awake at Work

BriarPatch Food Co-op

Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative

Goldfarb & Lipman LLP

Integrative Development Initiative

Morrison & Company

Mutual Housing California

North Coast Cooperative, Inc

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market

OnPoint Legal Counsel, PC

Other Avenues Food Co-op

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Co-op

Sarah Kaplan Law Office

SB 3D Technologies Cooperative Corporation

Smart Yards Co-op

SunCoast Market Co-op

Sunsweet Growers Inc


Glenn Brewster

Dan Kluger

Coyote Bryant

Joel Kopischke

Bill Carey

Ellen Liversidge

Teree Castanias

Ruthie Loeffelbein

Breesa Collyer

Vanessa Lopez

Kim Coontz

Margie Matoba

Robert Dewitz

John Myers

Megan Donner

Leland Ruth

Paul Fairchild

Karen Tiedemann

Brett Heeger

Marc Van Anda

Tyler Jackson

Zachary Wolinsky

Joanna Kaufman